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Paula Bluemchen Jewelry

Paula Bluemchen Jewelry is a jewelery brand that focuses on the timeless Akoya pearls for the design of our collections. Paula Bluemchen Jewelry celebrates female grace, the memory of the sea in that eternity that is only achieved by the best poems. Paula Bluemchen Jewelry is more than simple adornments, they are a poem for life.

Our collections are inspired by the memory of the Mediterranean, each piece being drawn and created as if it were a poem. For this belonging to the sea, for the eternity of the feminine, we found ourselves in the unique poetry of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, who appears as the guiding thread of our collection.

10% of the proceeds from the sales of our collections revert to help foster homes annually.

The Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls from Akoya oysters, traditionally grown in Japan and China, but can also be found in Korea, Sri Lanka and Australia. The brilliance of this pearl, as well as its perfectly spherical shape, give it a unique charisma that emphasizes the reflection of its colors, ranging from white to gray, through pink and green. These pearls have been famous since antiquity for the unique grace that makes them the perfect adornment of any jewelry.

Saltwater cultured pearls range from 2 mm (lowercase) to 10 mm (rare) and generally have a white or cream color and round shape.


Paula Bluemchen

Jewels have always been a girl’s fascination. I loved my mother’s engagement ring, and my eyes always shone with pearls rather than diamonds. Unfortunately there was the idea that the jewels were not to be worn by children, which left me disillusioned but at the same time motivated to one day later think of it another way.

In 2006 I made a trip to Dubai, where, for the first time, I saw an immensity of jewels with pearls, gold and platinum, expensive, making them a luxury article inaccessible to most people. And I came up with the idea of building an accessible brand, where everyone could feel what it is like to have a jewel with a true pearl. A brand that used Akoya pearls, and that also made a difference for the graceful design.

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